Covid-19 confinement – Probably the right time to consider your CRM – Part 5

Customization and training to stick as close to your need as possible

A CRM solution is no good if it’s not properly configured or if your staff isn’t trained to use the features.

So, when you’re asking for a price, make sure to ask how much it will cost to configure the solution to your needs and to personalize training sessions – not just online tutorials.

A CRM system should complement your business and reflect your sales process, your marketing strategy, your customer service activities, your contact management routines. That’s why you should choose a system that is easy to configure.

As for training, it is one of the most important factors of a smooth CRM adoption. It should be an on-going, user-specific hands-on experience, so that everyone knows how to use the software to increase their efficiency.

Being it group, individual or role-based, CRM training not only shows how the system works, but also how everything is connected and how a user contributes to the general organizational workflow. Training, in fact, helps a company to work together towards the same goal.

Configuring your characteristics

In this phase we will assist you in configuring your CRM system based on the user plans your organisation uses.

During the configuration we will look into companies, contacts, activities and templates.

The configuration will of course be based on the processes which was defined in the business analysis.

Importing your data

You bought a CRM system so that you could gather all your relevant customer information into one central place.

In this step, we help you to map the right data into the right place inside your new CRM solution.

Training your team

To secure a good start and be successful, it’s important to educate your team.

We’ll help train your team to use the basic CRM functions and how to administer the system.

Depending on the type of use you will have, we will adapt and define with you our service.

Following your CRM life

In this step, we will help and coach your team to get started with your new CRM solution.

When working with a new software solution, users are bound to have questions. We’re at your disposal to lend a helping hand and make sure you have a flying start.

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