Sales & Marketing solutions left Fluids & Co portfolio

Fluids & C° was founded in 2015 by Vincent Soumoy on the idea of helping North American companies in their simulation.

Based in Montreal, they are providing services and distributing software in various area, namely CFD, Piping, Process and Data Management but also Sales & Marketing solutions and projects.

Vincent Soumoy is an experienced Sales Manager in the simulation industry so know quite well the two domains.

Those two activities are targeting different markets:

  • Simulation tools users belongs generally to large or SME companies, based in Canada, USA or Europe
  • Sales and Marketing projects will concern SME or even shops located in Canada, USA or Europe but by priority in the Montreal area

Since May 25th, Fluids & C° is now exclusively in charge of the scientific portfolio.

A new company “Vincent Soumoy” was created and will be in charge of the local market, working, in English and French, with customers everywhere in the world. 

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